The ‘Authentic’ Company

David Jackman is publishing a new book on Corporate Maturity and the authentic company in 2018.

The Authentic Company is a new way of looking deeper into organsiations to determine how they ‘tick’ and how they can be managed more effectively to achieve positive outcomes.

Companies are increasingly required to demonstrate sound stewardship and good governance to retain credibility, legitimacy and public support.

The Authentic Company is a cutting-edge practice requiring a long term involvement and connects ‘difficult areas including – corporate purpose, meaning, genuine values, conduct risk, community role, sustainable outcome and individual accountability.

Organisations are shaped by embedded assumptions, beliefs, habits, practices and views of the future and it is necessary for boards and senior managers to operate strategically at this level.

Authenticity is a form of or expression of corporate maturity and therefore core to regulatory relationships and long-term performance.


Content of the book and supporting course:

  • Good governance – key principles, independence, leadership
  • Creating space for values-led culture
  • Outcome determination and measurement
  • Community and communion
  • Maturity and risk