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We create the necessary space (the ‘clearing’) that enables you to develop corporate maturity, values-led culture, authentic business and sustainable communities – all of which add significant value to the business.

Our unique methodology is based on carefully creating an environment that is conducive to substantive and lasting change. We may be involved in achieving the final 10% of a transformation programme (‘the icing on the cake’) or setting the vision right at the outset.

We may approach the ‘clearing’ from the point of view of good governance or compliance (we have particular expertise in re-building regulatory relationships), or from the more holistic standpoint of corporate maturity or the authentic company.

Our recent work has focused on the connection between organisations and wider community, having authored both international (ISO) and national standards for Sustainable and Resilient Communities.


We are concerned with subtle and often intangible detail. We are aware that ‘fine distinctions can make a world of difference‘. We focus on aspects of corporate life and wider landscape ‘where a difference of degree becomes a difference of kind’.

David Jackman

Internationally renowned standard-setter,
regulator, author and teacher.

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Ethics – Governance – Sustainability

Unique insight into corporate culture, regulation, sustainable outcomes, community engagement and corporate maturity.

Groundbreaking pioneer of new methodologies and progressive direction.

Corporate Maturity

Find corporate direction, purpose, values, outcomes, good governance and maturity.
David Jackman offers a niche consultancy that helps organisations of all sizes to develop corporate maturity using unique, cutting edge approaches. He works with the most interesting and influential clients, internationally. He can help you change the way you work, fundamentally and add long-term value. He is currently writing a textbook entitled Corporate Maturity due to be published in 2018.

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Embedding Ethics

David Jackman has been working on embedding a values-led approach as a way of recasting business models or maturing organisations since 2002. David Jackman was the first to set out an ‘ethical’ framework for financial services – at FSA (now FCA).  This led to the TCF and RDR initiatives that are now part of mainstream regulatory approaches in the UK and have been followed in many other jurisdictions. The approach is based on pioneering work and has been developed internationally with major institutions in a range of sectors. Please contact David for a confidential discussion.

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The Compliance Revolution

How regulation and compliance needs to change to be effective
Based on a major text book published in 2015 by David Jackman, ‘The Compliance Revolution’ is available on Amazon and from the publisher Wiley. The theme explores how compliance must evolve and avoid becoming overly operational and develop the skills, tools and confidence to be a strategic, judgement-based profession that adds lasting value through a maturity approach.

A workshop is available for Compliance Departments and Senior Managers. A parallel version of the programme has also been created for Regulators.

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Good Governance

The ‘Good’ Governance Programme includes a board evaluation 

Is Governance serving you well? Based on practical experience, this standard-setting programme helps boards to ‘add value’ and develop corporate maturity.

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Sustainable Communities

How do you develop a sense of ‘community’ and how do companies relate to their community?
We draw on our current research for the Cambridge Judge Business School on building trust and evaluating consumer outcomes. We also explain how to use the sustainable community standards led and designed by David Jackman; BS8900, BS8904 and ISO 37101 and the forthcoming 37104 guidance

Innovative and leading edge consultancy

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The ‘Authentic’ Company

Combining the approaches to ethics, governance and community

Focus on what drives your organisation’s and board’s social purpose.
How a path is developed in practice and how to find change – a new course and unique programme
This can take the form of a ‘strategic reflection’ which may take 1 – 3 days in a residential setting – designed for senior managers or whole boards


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David Jackman
David Jackman, author of ‘The Compliance Revolution’, has wide experience as senior regulator, standard setter, professor, NED and conference speaker working with some of the world’s leading financial, educational and regulatory organisations at the highest level

Based in the Lake District

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